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The Top Dog Blogs of 2012

Posted July 16 by Fido

At Pamper Your Dog it's fairly obvious how much we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. Over the past few years as we've grown online, we've had the chance to follow a lot of great bloggers who love their own dogs, and spend part of their day sharing with us their stories of being a doggie moms and dads with the rest of us. We have laughed, learned, and sometimes even cried at some of the heartwarming stories these writers share every day. To thank these bloggers and honor all of their hard work we have decided to create a list of the top 25 blogs that we follow on a regular basis. We've decided to call these the Top Dog Awards and are looking forward to reading even more great stories and advice from them in the coming months. Without further adieu, here are our top 25 favorite dog blogs of 2012.

All Things Dog Blog - Carrie is a true canine lover, she writes prolifically about all things canine, from product giveaways and reviews to a Pet Problem Solving Section that gives tips and advice on how to make living with four legged friends easier.

Amazon CARES - Amazon CARES is definitely one of the blogs we check on a daily basis that tugs at our heart strings. Amazon Community Animal rescue, Education & Safety (CARES)'s mission statement declares that they seek better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region, this includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect. They regularly give updates on what is happening at their clinics, and although they have a great amount of success, not every story has a happy ending. They truly work for a great cause and for that we would like to recognize them with a Top Dog award.

Bocci's Beefs - Touted as "One dog's musings on life with humans and other animals" This is a light hearted blog that's always a fun read. Dedicated to promoting pet adoption and rescue as well as select pet products that they have thoroughly reviewed and love, this blog is always filled with both useful information and stories that will make you wish your dog knew how to read.

Champion of My Heart - Roxanne Hawn is a professional freelance writer/journalist and award winning blogger who launched Champion of My Heart in April of 2007. On a regular basis Roxanne shares uplifting stories about her "fearful border collie." Roxanne reviews books and products, shares pictures, and gives us great insight into what it's like to live with her Border collie.

The Dog Files - Kenn Bell runs an extremely entertaining site, posting videos about how dogs are involved in our lives. From hero dogs of 9/11 to an episode focusing on the history of the Pit Bull, no stone goes unturned when Ken has his camera out. This is by far one of our favorite informative sites.

Dog Jaunt - This is another great blog that deal with aiding and assisting you and your pet in travelling. Very informative and written with a quick wit, this is a blog we check out on a regular basis even when we're not travelling.

Dog Tipper Blog - is a great resource that covers dog tips, product reviews for pets, dog news, celebrity canines and much, much more. You're not going to want to pass up the opportunity to bookmark this page and have a constant feed of information on all the latest and greatest dog news on a daily basis.

Embrace Pet Community - This is a site that we regularly frequent to read up on any and all new products that we know we'll be seeing at the parks, on the beaches and in our friends' homes. They have a wealth of knowledge and are extremely succinct at describing exactly why or why not a product will be useful for your pet.

Have Dog Blog Will Travel - "A California travel blog for pet owners who travel with their dogs" is how this blog touts itself, but it is much more than just that. They review products, give travel tips for your pooch no matter where you are, and genuinely celebrate the life of the "polka dot princess."

It's a Dog's Life - This is one of the more heartwarming blogs that we read on a regular basis. It's based on the adventures of Bandit and Bailey, two dogs who are constantly getting into trouble with all of their friends. If you want a good pick me up, take an extra 5 minutes out of your day and swing by this blog for a good story or two.

My Fire Hydrant - This is a wonderfully written blog by Bev (Who also goes by PetcareBev.) She shares memories of her dear heart dog Bailey and more recently of Tyler. She lovingly refers to her blog as her "fire hydrant" which we think is a great way to say she wants people to stop by and share their thoughts.

My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much - Written by pet lifestyle writer Michelle Maskaly, this is a great blog that introduces readers to first-class products and trends in pet ownership as well as displaying pictures of and telling stories about her adventures in kayaking with her 4 year old dog Toby.

Oh My Dog! - Oh My Dog! Is a blog that follows the (mis)adventures of Emmet, Lucas, and Cooper. While this wouldn't typically stand out to us as a reason to bestow a Top Dog Blog Award on any old blog, it's the stories of Emmet overcoming cancer and the section entitled "Positively Pit Bull" that really pull at our heart strings. After reading through just a few posts, we know that you'll be hooked on this blog.

Pet Care Daily - What we like about this blog is how straight forward it is. Consistently updated and well written, this blog gives a TON of information on products, pet health, pet food, and everything in between. This blog is definitely one of our go-to favorites for learning new things.

Scratchings and Sniffings - This blog from one of the cofounders of BlogPaws highlights the adventures of Yvonne and her three dogs and 18-year old cat. Always quick with a story and antic, this blog is a never ending source of entertainment and useful information.

Seattle Dog Spot - For everything Dog related in the greater Seattle area and outside of it too! While there are some great regionally minded dog blogs out there, this one really takes the cake (bone?) when it comes to consistently updating its blog and providing users with information on how to live with their pets in the Emerald City.

Snotface and Twiggy - Snotface may not be a dog, but definitely has a place in our heart and our bookmark folder with this blog about the adventures that Snotface has with Twiggy, a greyhound. Their frequently updated photos and touching stories are definitely worth checking out on a regular basis.

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog - Practicing Fire Safety every day! Who doesn't love a Dalmatian with a sense of duty? This is one heroic canine that has plenty to say when it comes to fire safety. We primarily love this blog because it is regularly updated as well as very accessible to best audience one would want to teach fire safety to, children.

Speaking for Spot - Plain and simple, we love this blog! Dr. Nancy Kay is one of the best vets on the net today sharing her wisdom and veterinary know how with anyone willing to spend a few minutes reading her blog each day. Definitely take some time to peruse her archives when you have the time.

Take Paws - This is a great blog that helps you travel with your four legged friends. Featuring photo challenges as well as a road trip planner, this is one you're definitely going to want to bookmark.

This One Wild Life - We obviously have huge hearts for any animal rescue program, and this one in particular piques our interest. Kim Clune is an animal lover, a writer, a photographer, and a videographer who spends her time updating this site and giving a glimpse into her life as she, in her own words, advocates for animal health and welfare in the rescue and pet world as well as the natural environment. We couldn't have said it better, thanks for all of your updates and hard work Kim.

Thoughts Fur Paws - Besides its delightfully clever name, there are many reasons to love this blog. Blogger JL Smith thinks of herself as an "animaniac," and loves to share personal anecdotes with anyone willing to stop by her blog. She is actively interested in animal welfare causes, legislation and pet charities, as well, she provides many humorous glimpses into her own personal experiences with pets.

To Dog With Love - One glimpse of the little rascal that adorns the front page of this blog and you'll know that you're in for a treat. Diane Silver is a writer whose passion is to share stories about "the fluffier side of life." Her dog Cosmo is an agility dog, a seasoned traveler, and Diane's muse who is constantly teaching her something new.

Will My Dog Hate Me - In this entertaining blog by Edie Jarolim, she details how she came to dog ownership later in life and fretted over it; drinking in every detail about dog ownership that she could to discover how she could be a great dog owner. This information was collected and eventually, being the writer that she is, was turned into a series of articles as well as a book. We love the constant updates and general information on this blog as well as the writing style.

Your Pets View - This is one of our favorite feel good sites on the web. Your Pets View states that its goal is to "raise the passion of pet companions so that they will take action to follow their dreams." Filled with insightful articles, cute photos, and offering a fantastic newsletter, is sure to quickly become one of your favorite spots online.

Well that's it for this year's first annual Top Dog Blog Awards. Be sure to check out our blog to stay up to date with everything that Pamper Your Dog is up to!



posted July 18, 2012 by Pat DeWald
Little surprised you left off Omidog by John Woestendiek. The best dog blog out there.

posted July 18, 2012 by caren gittleman
we must have fabulous taste because we are avid followers of nearly EVERY blog on this list! Kudos to all of them!

posted July 29, 2012 by Molly Mednikow
Thank you so much for this recognition! I am writing a blog about it now!

posted July 30, 2012 by BANDIT!!!!!
Mommy almost cried when someone told her you picked my blog as one of your favorites!! YAY!! That was very nice!!! Maybe me and Bailey will be good today just to say thank you. But I'm not making any promises. THANK YOU!!! LOVE BANDIT!!!!!!!

posted July 30, 2012 by Kim Clune
Thank you for including This One Wild Life in your top 25 list! We're in such great company looking at the others you've chosen!

posted July 31, 2012 by Hermione Sheltie
We love Bandit of course, but you have left out our very favorite: Coco and Silky!

posted September 27, 2012 by Mat
Just when I was looking for a good list of quality dog related sites or blogs I found this one, excellent collection you have put together :)

posted November 26, 2012 by Jen
This is a great collection! Already subscribed to many, and found a few new ones too. Thanks for the comprehensive list of inspirational content! Hope to be part of it one day, perhaps :)

posted December 9, 2012 by Jade
Thank you for this list. It will be very helpful for me, as I imagine it is for every dog lover. Actually, I found this blog through the 'All Things Dog Blog'. Both are very good, information packed websites. Kudos to you!

posted February 4, 2013 by Ryan
What about Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund? It's only about a year old but doing big things!

posted March 5, 2013 by Kirby the Dorkie
I didnt make 2012 but I hopin 2013 is a very good year! Lovea lot of the blogs you listed.

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