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Guest Post: Crafting with Your Hound

Posted September 4 by Fido

Why let the kids have all the fun with the finger paints? Your pups can join in too! Don’t believe me? Check out these pup-friendly crafts and the tips to make them happen. Before you know it, you’ll be setting up a canine craft station next his basket of chew toys. How many of these crafts will you and your dog try?

Puppy Rock

Make dough from 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup flour and 1/4 cup water. Roll out the dough and make a paw print impression. Bake at 200 degrees for three hours and you have a decorative stone for your garden. Alternatively, you can take this craft a few more stepping-stones further and form the next craft.

Paw Path

You’ve been meaning to lay that trail through the backyard that leads to the garden, but haven’t quite decided what style to go with - crushed rock, brick, stepping stones, cement? Have you thought of letting the pups help with this huge task? A few well-placed or even completely sporadic paw prints can turn a simple path into something unique and personalized. In fact, get the entire family involved and mix in some footprints with all the paw prints. You can use the recipe for the puppy rock, or get paw printing before the cement dries.

Paw Painting

Looking for a dog craft that you can display inside your home? You’ll love paw painting with your hound. The wall art options in this category are endless. Paw prints can be used alone, or in addition to a photo. Try assembling some paw prints in the shape of a frame for a favorite photo of your pet in the center. Or use the paw print to replace a letter in a written wall art piece. Maybe the “o” in Love, or Home is the perfect way to display the place your dog holds in your heart and in your home.

Before you get started on any of the crafts listed above, we have a few tips:

Keep it dog-friendly

Don’t try a craft that is not fun for you and your hound. If your dog is uncooperative and completely against the activity, then there is no need to force it on him. Also, be sure you always use dog-safe materials that are easily washable.

Craft Outside  

Unless your dog is small and easy to handle, you should probably attempt the crafts outside. Even the most washable of finger paints can be a pain to clean-up once they are tracked through the house on carpet and furniture.

Plan to get Messy  

Moving the craft outside does not mean you limit the mess, only that you keep it out of the house. Don’t wear your favorite clothes, and keep a water bucket and all clean-up supplies close by for easy access.

Reward your Pup

When your craft is done, be sure you wrap-up the activity with a treat and plenty of praise for your canine artist!


Veterinarian, Dr. Susan Wright and her staff spend their time caring for family dogs. When they’re not busy with the loveable four-legged friends, they enjoy writing DIY tips for dog owners.


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